For the last 40+ years, Herb Hunter has been directly involved in the Design, Installation, Construction, Commissioning and Re-commissioning, Operation and Maintenance, Energy management of all building systems. This includes Large Central Plants, Co-generation plants, Healthcare, Laboratories, Pharmaceuticals, Bio-technology/ Nanotechnology Facilities, Data Centers, large Sporting Centers, Universities & Colleges, Commercial, High-Rise Multi-Residential Facilities in total exceeding 100 million sq. ft.

Our Success

We are completely independent! HCI-Inc. focuses on creating a successful project; we understand the owner’s needs! Our staff have worked for most of the major Owners, Architects, Engineers and Contractors in Toronto during the past 30 years. 100% of HCI-Inc. business is related to building commissioning and long-term Energy Cost! No one understands building operating costs the way we do. We are the specialists dedicated to commissioning your building! HCI-Inc. will help ensure that your newly installed equipment operates efficiently as an integrated system. Properly done, commissioning projects can pay dividends in the form of decreased rework, fewer change orders, fewer delays, lower operation and maintenance costs, and lower utility bills.